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xProgress is back with new iOS tutorials!

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Great news folks! … We have decided to bring this blog back to life and prepare new set of articles and tutorials!

This is well exciting for me. Quite few years back this blog had pretty cool readership base but unfortunately loads have changed around 2009-2010, like starting a business and I haven’t touched Xprogress ever since. This is now about to change. I have been working on a number of new and very updated tutorials to revamp the content and I promise I’ll do my best to make sure there will be at least two new cool tutorials a month.

The other big change for me personally is that we have now moved completely onto WordPress which is a great platform for this kind of content.

We will be coming up with a couple of new tutorials for beginners and planning on doing some more advanced stuff in unit testing and to cover some of the new frameworks. We would also like to cover more stuff about Swift so there should be plenty to get interested in.

Just sit down, relax and enjoy the ride :)

xProgress team!

Ondrej Rafaj

Ondrej is a developer, director in several startups and manages XPROGRESS just like that, just for fun!

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