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FTShare - an easy way to share using Facebook Twitter and Mails for iOS

Ondrej Rafaj on 2011.10.19 13:44:14

FTshare allows you to set up a share instance on your application delegate and then share using the most common social networks (and more to come). It is as easy as setting up your developer account credential and setting what you want to share.

Implementation Instructions:

  • Import SystemConfiguration, CFNetwork, MobileCoreServices, MEssageUI frameworks to your library
  • Create an Instance of FTShare on your Application Delegate
  • Overwrite the method application:openURL:sourceApplication:annotation: on your Application Delegate
  • Use the Application delegate FTShare instance everywhere in your app by:
    • setUp the keys for each share components (use config.h)
    • Implement the delegates
    • use shareViaFacebook/Twitter/Mail with the specific FTShareDataObject or
    • use showActionSheetWithtitle:andOptions: implementing the Facebook/Twitter/MailShareData delegate
  • on the app-info.plist add the "URL types" (as on picture below). Forget to do so and your app will not respond effectively after the facebook login has completed

URL types

Third Party references:

Ondrej Rafaj

Ondrej Rafaj

Technical director @ Fuerte International

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