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iPhone like switch for your website in Javascript

Ondrej Rafaj on 2010.02.12 16:47:28

Hi, I've been browsing the web lately and I found a really nice website built by EngageInteractive. As an iPhone fan and developer, I have been surprised how smoothly their UISwitch script works. Check it out ...

There is few more cool projects on their website, especially like Last.FM javascript plugin.

Their description of the script is simple and totally true: "A completely unashamed rip of those lovely sliding on/off buttons on the iPhone, making checkboxes (and radio buttons) look good!"

EngageInteractive iToggle

Project includes all the necessary stuff you'll need to run this in your projects. HTML, CSS, JavaScript files and PSD's with the actual Switch.

Cool, isn't it?! :)

Ondrej Rafaj

Ondrej Rafaj

Technical director @ Fuerte International

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