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Free social networking hand drawn doodle icon set

Ondrej Rafaj on 2010.02.10 12:26:45

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Download this icon set for free for bloggers or anyone else. It includes 15 graphics for Google, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, RSS, Technorati, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Yahoo, GMail, Feed Burner, RedDit and calendar, you can use them anywhere, anytime and without any other limitation, back link to our website will be really nice but not necessary.

And send us a link if u will use them :)

Ondrej Rafaj

Ondrej Rafaj

Technical director @ Fuerte International

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  • poetikelise


    from 71.236.**.** @   

    hey I love your icons but can someone help me with instructions on how to use them???

  • Ondrej


    from 81.100.**.** @   

    Just download the package ( in the top right corner and you'll fing PSD and Fireworks PNG in it ... :)

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