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How to parse JSON files on iPhone in Objective-C into NSArray and NSDictionary

2009.12.16 18:45:02 by Ondrej Rafaj

Hi, today I want to show you how to parse JSON files into the NSArray and NSDictionary and how to use those files and objects. This article should be a really good starting point for you guys who already knows the basics of work with Interface Builder and XCode.

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iPhone game that is built entirely in Flash

2009.12.15 17:07:21 by Ondrej Rafaj

Game is called Boost your Brain by Francis Bourre and has been released on 11th of December 2009 and is available in AppStore.

The game itself is entirely developed in Flash, unfortunately for us it is built in Adobe Flash Studio Professional CS5, which is in alfa, maybe beta testing right now, it's a pre-release .

You can find the application here

Click for more to see some screenshots

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iTunesHandler - Music export tool for iTunes (Mac, Win, Linux)

2009.12.07 20:55:41 by Ondrej Rafaj

Multiplatform (Win, Mac, Linux) tool, I've build when I wanted to backup all my music from iTunes. iTunes has quite a mess in the library and I've been unable to just copy all the files over. It just helps you to export MP3's from iTunes onto any location on your machine ...

iTunesHandler is another cool free adobe air application which lets you copy any of your iTunes songs from your iTunes library to anywhere else on your hard drive, you can transfer songs, album and mp3 with this tool.

It will automatically scan the iTunes library and by default will export the selected songs your desktop location in windows, it is very easy and simple application will transfer all music from iTunes to a specific folder location.

Installation details inside :)

iTunesHandler main window screengrab

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Editing UITextView in UITableViewCell via delegate method

2009.12.04 17:53:49 by Ondrej Rafaj

Today I'll show you how to create a delegate method that can pass data back to the parent class.

It actually does not matter if you are using this in the cell in table view or you are just exchanging data between different type of the class ... It' always the same.

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